Acupuncture is a health care treatment that has flourished in China for thousands of years and is widely accepted throughout Asia and in Europe. It has gained acceptance by both western and oriental physicians, medical researchers, and the public through positive experiences and clinical results.

Acupuncture's system of diagnosing takes into consideration you as a whole, not as just isolated symptoms. Acupuncture is practiced based on discerning a "pattern of disharmony" and treating accordingly. Acupuncturists may use a number of modalities to treat your condition. Dr. Sekito may also use herbal medicine, moxibustion and nutrition in combination with acupuncture to treat your problem.

Acupuncture treats to strengthen your physical body, control pain, prevent disease, and emphasizes an increase in both the quality of your life and your ability to function.

How does Acupuncture work?
Acupuncture uses natural laws and energetics with the application of needles and pressure to specific points on the body. These points are grouped along specific pathways or meridians that cross the body.

Health is maintained when energy flows freely through these pathways. When the flow of energy is imbalanced, absent, deficient, interrupted, excessive or blocked in an area, then your health is disrupted, resulting in illness, pain, fatigue, or many other symptoms. Stimulating appropriate acupuncture points along these meridians regulates this energy.

Acupuncture acts to influence the central and peripheral nervous system. It releases endorphins from the brain making it an effective treatment for pain management. Acupuncture can be used to effect sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels in the blood, the functioning of the gastrointestinal system, activity of the endocrine system and improve circulation among others.

What can I expect during treatment?
Most patients find that the treatment leaves them very relaxed with a feeling of well-being. We find that most patients are pleasantly surprised at how they feel during the treatment and how easily Dr. Sekito places the needles. On occasion, patients sleep through the treatment. A patient may feel a slight sensation upon entry but the tiny thin needles are specially designed to be virtually painless.

How many treatments are necessary?
Every patient offers a unique constitution to the healing process making each treatment plan individualized. The length of treatment depends on the type, severity and duration of the condition. An examination will aid in guiding the doctor to the correct treatment for you.

In order to maximize therapeutic results it is important to follow the doctor's treatment plan and recommendations carefully.

An incomplete course of therapy may very well result in a relapse of your ailment. Our further programs for health maintenance are designed promote health, longevity, and to your body and lifestyle.

Still have questions?
If you have any further questions about acupuncture, then you may set up an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Sekito. She will better be able to answer any of your questions at that time. In the event that the answering machine responds to your call, please leave a message. Your call will be returned. We are here to serve you and give you the very best of care.



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